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As a parent of a cricket scholar and wife of a cricket-obsessed husband, there was no way out for me but to be associated with Cricket in some way or other in every form and aspect of my life.

Come with that, there was a constant beeline of queries from parents, friends, colleagues to know more information about the Cricket scene in Dubai, in UAE either for their kids or for themselves … the typical queries would be ‘where do I put my kid for coaching?’; ‘where do I find a specialist coach?’; ‘where do I buy Cricket gear?,’ ‘what can I do to improve my fitness relevant to Cricket?’ etc. Having spent close to a decade and a half in Dubai, UAE  – our household appeared a default ‘go-to’ place among our friends and community for information relating to Cricket.

Cricket has been steadily growing in UAE. According to a survey more than 69% of the UAE Nationals love Cricket (https://www.khaleejtimes.com/sport/69-of-uae-nationals-love-cricket-survey). IPL came to UAE a few years back, the PSL is taking place for 2 years already in UAE, Cricket academies are springing up in every Emirate with the biggest of names in the world of Cricket lending their names to established academies in UAE or they embarking on a journey themselves to set up academies, facilities, etc.

And, the sporadic availability of information relating to the finer aspects of the game which have been gaining significant momentum complementing the game itself, such as Specialist / Skill based coaching, fitness related to Cricket, nutritionists, coach education, etc are areas where Cricket enthusiasts are actively seeking information.

While discussing this on a more serious note with a few well-wishers, the idea of being the change struck me. Given my decade of experience in the field of Information Technology and having been part of the dot-com wave of late 90’s and early 2000, I thought “why not build a platform for all Cricket related information” – be it the various services offered in the field of Cricket, be it the products available in the country, etc and thus formed www.candidcricket.com. And why Candid – it is a straight and truthful attempt to offer access to all information relating to Cricket.

Here’s a start to meeting this objective. And the journey will continue to make this platform as comprehensive, as accurate and as up-to-date as possible.

We hope to add value to your search for anything related to Cricket in UAE.

While thanking you once again for you time and effort in visiting our website, I appreciate your feedback, please write to swathi.s@candidcricket.com.