Coach Education Programmes by ICC Academy

At the ICC Academy we offer the following programmes:

Level 1: Course takes place over 2 days and is an introduction to cricket coaching. The aim of the level 1 course is to introduce coaches to the philosophy of a player centered coaching approach. The primary outcome of the course is that coaches are able to introduce cricket to players and work with players who have very little or no experience playing cricket.

Level 2: This course is more extensive and is ideal for the coach who is working with cricketers who have more experience and are around the junior representative level or senior cricketers. This course takes place over 4 days and includes presenters from around the world. It also includes a 6 month assessment period in which coaches receive several assignments that need to be completed over the 6 months.

Level 3: The level 3 course is the highest offering from the ICC Academy and is for the coach who is working in a high performance environment or has aspirations to. The course takes place over 6 days and includes presenters from around the globe. The content within the level 3 course is more extensive and so is the assessment process which takes place over 1 year.

All the courses offered by the ICC Academy are presented by Ziyaad Parker as the Head of Education along with contributions from various content experts including:

  • Keagan Clarke (Head of Schools, ICCA)
  • Ashley Ross (South Australian Institute of Sport and former head coach of New Zealand)
  • Andrew Zesers (Former Australian fast bowler)
  • Jeremy Bray (Current head coach for Denmark and former Irish cricketer)
  • Roland Lefebvre (Current High Performance Manager for Netherlands Cricket and former captain of the Netherlands cricket team)
  • Will Kitchen (General Manager of ICCA)
  • Qasim Ali (Head of Development, ICCA)
  • Peter Kelly (High Performance Manager of ICCA and Strength and Conditioning coach for the UAE national team)
  • Dougie Brown (Former international cricketer and current Head Coach of the UAE national team)