With so much cricket around and with so much changes to the way the game is played, every cricketer needs to be at the peak of his / her fitness. The kind of injuries a player encounters because of today’s changing nature of the game is also getting more technical, In times like this, it is important than ever before that each player continues to stretch the limits of his / her fitness levels to stay on top his / her game.

Candid Cricket recognizes this precise factor and is working with leading specialists in the field of ‘FITNESS-IN-CRICKET’ to custom-program fitness packages that are focused on building you as a cricketer physically and mentally. These are absolutely relevant for today and are in-line with the skills you specialize in as a cricketer or want to specialize in.

Gone are the days when you think of a slow and slumber cricketer with enormous talents in a specific skill, say middle order batting, tucked into the 3rd man / fine leg position. Teams today want specialist fielders in every position, in every skill set making cricket the wonderful and ever changing game of today!