FREEBOWLER Superthrower
NonElectric and Portable Cricket Ball Thrower


Freebowler “SUPERTHROWER” is one of its first kind “non-electric and portable” cricket bowling machines which solves some of the limitations with the existing ball throwing aids regarding cost, portability, use of machine balls and electricity. It’s an accessible, affordable, and convenient training aid capable of producing line, length, speed, and swing variations with ‘real cricket balls’.

The bowling machine technological innovation is directly positioned towards the growth and grassroots development of sports in the inner cities, rural areas and emerging cricketing playing nations to be used as an eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative training aid. Freebowler aims to address infrastructure and accessibility issues in a rapidly globalizing cricketing landscape by developing a low-cost and low-tech training equipment to help all cricketers, especially promising women, and youth talent by providing them with an opportunity to train like the pros.

It’s very simplistic in design; about 40” in length, weighs around 25kgs and folds up like a home gym equipment so that it’s easy to carry around like a cricket kit and also fit into the car trunk. It’s purely mechanical and there’s no more hassle of heavy batteries, long cords and electricity ports. It’s consistent and repeatable to help perfect your skills and techniques and make you match ready!