Kinetic Cricket

Kinetic Cricket is an online training platform where as an aspiring cricketer, keen club cricketer or just someone looking to get fit, can enjoy a customised fitness program specifically for their needs, personally designed and overseen by Ben Scott, former Professional cricketer and experienced elite fitness coach. If you love cricket and want to get fit, shed some fat and improve your cricket along the way, then you now have access to this level of coaching from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

Daily customised workouts sent straight to your inbox, an online training platform where you can view your workouts in simple to follow video form. Progress tracking to chart your improvement, personally have Ben comment, analyse and provide feed back directly to you regarding your workouts and progress! Nutrition, E-books and so much more as you explore this unique service.

About the Coach


Working with people to help them progress and understand their potential really is my passion. I started playing cricket at the age of seven and remember drawing knowledge and exchanging ideas for ways to improve from all my coaches and inspirations. That didn’t stop until I retired 5 years ago. No matter who you are you need a sound board, someone to not just tell you what to do but walk through it with you, even now I have a PT to keep me accountable. Online training has finally given me the opportunity reach and to help people that don’t have access to london or the time to see me in person.


Workout anywhere, anytime

I have been in many bowlers pockets over the years if you pardon the pun but now I can really be in your pocket with online training, helping you get the most out of your training on and off the field. Implementing programs and staying accountable to the process is the real battle and thats what I’m here to help with.